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Alan Northen FRICS NRM2

The RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) 2nd Edition Webinar

5th October 2023

Our MD Alan Northen is currently supporting the RICS LIVE as a speaker on the RICS Global: The RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) 2nd Edition Webinar Thu 5 Oct 2023, 11:00.

Alan Northen FRICS NRM2

According to the RICS the new standard is giving visibility to the carbon cost of different design choices. The standard aims to help professionals manage carbon budgets, reduce lifetime emissions, and build a net-zero future for construction.

“For decades construction has measured buildings using standard measurement rules for quantities. Now the challenge of decarbonisation of construction calls for the consistent and accurate measurement of carbon in the whole of the built environment, not just buildings.

As the lead author of the second edition of the RICS New NRM2, I see this as a transition of principles that if you can measure buildings, you can also use the Whole Lifecycle Carbon Assessment Standard 2nd Edition as the standard to measure carbon.”