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Cost Management

Our commitment to providing services that are always insightful and creative, as well as 100% accurate and fully accountable, is at the heart of our business.

Northen Surveying Services is experienced in the delivery of Cost Management services from inception to completion on all types of projects including residential (private and social), commercial, retail, healthcare and education.

The umbrella of wide-ranging knowledge and skills contained within the walls of Northen Surveying Services gives our teams the confidence to say that we can visibly and tactically enhance a project with our approach to cost management.

Our aim is to work with our client to understand the individual requirements of each project and deliver within the scope agreed at the outset.

Our in-house expertise on Bill of Quantities gives us a unique perspective and we pride ourselves on offering robust, accurate cost advice and adding value to every project we are involved in.


At Northen, we consider everything from the concept and planning stage to the opening and use of a building and the maintenance performance to facilitate a fully successful, on-budget outcome.

The wide-ranging nature of this work means that we are ready to investigate, analyse, advise or make recommendations on any of the following as our Clients’ dedicated experts: