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Bills of Quantities Production

Our innovative approach to BoQs is widely acknowledged and, although lesser known, our Fixed Fee structure – with a package priced at the point of our proposal – is applauded too.

We choose to work in this way because we believe that our success comes not only from what we do, but how we do it. We’re delighted to say that the high level of client satisfaction and retention is testament to this ethos.

As Specialists in Bill production, our teams are well equipped to undertake everything from Builders Quantities to full NRM2 Bills. We have been fully operational with NRM2 from the outset, using it to produce our Client Bills since February 2013.

  • We use a PDF mark-up system with drawings printed in A3 format. All files are cross-referenced in a clear drawing schedule for a comprehensive Bill that everyone can follow.
  • A Quality Assurance Schedule (QAS) is automatically set up in house which we follow as work is completed. To reinforce our commitment to Client confidence, a Senior QS or Director carries out a final QA check before the Bill is issued.
  • The final Bill is delivered on paper with full descriptions and schedule of assumptions. This includes marked up drawings with electronic copies, to enable Clients to make small changes directly to the files, if needed.
  • Importantly, the team assigned to each project remains constant for clear lines of communication throughout the Bill production process to the final Bill presentation.
  • Our Clients also value the opportunity to be able to ask questions and we are happy to maximise the sharing of our knowledge on their project.
  • Everything agreed at the outset is included in our Fixed Fee package, from addendum and site visits to handover meetings. Our Clients say that this gives them a major advantage in managing often complex and fluctuating budgets.
  • We remain ever-flexible though, offering the provision of any additional services that may emerge as required by our Clients as part of the process, at a preferential rate.