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NRM2 presentation


Alan Northen FRICS, our Managing Director, has been pro-actively involved in RICS New Rules of Measurement 2, working with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as part of an initiative to streamline the transition from the long-standing SMM7.

NRM2 Author

The RICS has appointed Alan as the lead Author for the update and review of NRM2.  Alan is using his wealth of experience in the field of detailed measurement to support the RICS, Clients, Contractors, and their supply chains to adapt to an ever-changing built environment.

During 2021, a second edition of NRM2 was published, and it is our continued aim to support this being ‘contractor focused’ to meet both the known and anticipated needs of our Clients in the future.

Download the  NRM2 PDF  or find out more about the full 3 NRM suite 2021 updates:

Article Alan Northen on the panel of  NRM Suite Launch 2021 

NRM2 Training

In 2013 when the NRM2 was first issued Alan and our team quickly identified an urgent need for an in-depth Training Seminar, which we created exclusively for our Clients.  As a result of demand with highly positive feedback, we are very proud that our in-depth Seminar – NRM2: Changing Construction – constitutes 1hr CPD Training.

More than seventy delegates attended NSS’s first dedicated NRM2 Seminar in Bristol in September 2013, including representatives from local consultants, contractors, councils and their associated support services. It is clear that this Seminar event provided a vital platform for sharing expertise and knowledge of practical applications and implications for working with NRM1, NRM2 and NRM3, and Business Information Modelling (BIM).

As a result, many of our Clients have since asked us to run in-house workshops and training sessions to develop their understanding of NRM2.  Alan is considered amongst our client base in the UK to be a highly knowledgeable and insightful expert on NRM2.


As an apprenticeship employer training and skills are part of every day at Northen Surveying so our MD Alan Northen FRICS lead Author of the second issue of NRM2 was delighted to offer University College of Estate Management students a series of knowledge webinars over two weeks in November 2021 to help the next generation of QS understand RICS NRM2.

Please contact us if you have NRM2 training requirements