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The next chapter of NRM2

10th November 2021

Our Director, Alan Northen, has undertaken more work to support the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) update its New Rules of Measurement (NRM) suite.

Alan is lead author on the 2nd edition of NRM2, which was published as a PDF download at the end of October 2021.

Moving forward, it provides a standard set of measurement rules and essential guidance for the cost management and detailed measurement of construction projects and lifecycle costing.

It is our continued aim to support this being ‘contractor focused’ to meet both the known and anticipated needs of our clients in the future.

Back in 2013, Alan was pro-actively involved in the launch of NRM2, working closely with RICS as part of an initiative to streamline the transition from the long-standing Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7).

Through early understanding and uptake of NRM2, Alan and the Northen Surveying Services (NSS) team were quickly able to identify, create and run successful in-depth client Training Seminars.

The seminars provided a vital platform for sharing expertise and knowledge of practical applications and implications for working with NRM2. Clients also asked us to run in-house workshops and supply chain training sessions to develop their understanding of NRM2.

Alan is regarded as a highly knowledgeable and insightful expert on NRM2.

In addition to updates which align this document to current editions of RIBA plan of works 2020 and the ICMS3 2021. These form light touch edits for this edition prior to a full review.

Specific updates:

  • Earthworks support fully reviewed.
  • Structural framing systems now identified.
  • Every table has been verified with various small adjustments.
  • Readability has been improved, with ambiguity removed based on users feedback.

RICS are hosting an NRM virtual launch 25 November 2021