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Small Projects

What we can provide for you

Before all the work starts
  • We will cover the provision of Bills of Quantities (pricing schedules) for builders, material suppliers and specialist trades – These can be provided in both priced (pre-tender estimate) and unpriced formats.
  • We can provide a cash flow forecast and funding draw-down schedules.
  • We can analyse tenders from contractors and recommend who to proceed with.
    We can prepare a suitable contract for you.
  • We can mitigate risks by identifying potential problems with your project.
When the work is on site
  • We will keep you informed on the progress of your project. Including regular progress reports monthly and at milestones.
  • We will provide a financial overview of the project, including the value of work done, any variations completed and what the likely final account will be.
  • We will make recommendations for payment for work done and relevant payment dates.
When all the work is done
  • We can help you identify any snagging and keep you up to date on the progress of completing the snags and any payments due.
  • We can determine a draft final account taking in all the original contract values, deduct any works instructed not to be carried out and add the valuation of all variations and changes.
  • We will give you a full review including a final cost and valuation to determine the profitability of your project. This will also include what went well and what can be improved.

From project start right through to completion, we will work closely with you through all stages.

More opportunities

We can help turn several quotes around quickly meaning more opportunities to bid for work.

Save Time

The costing and analysis will be taken care of, saving you time and money.

Manage risk

We flag up risk areas before quoting meaning costings are solid and minimise the surprises later.

Chartered Surveyors

Your quotes will be backed by a surveyor demonstrating your commitment to quality service.