Our Community

In addition to a history of fundraising and pro-bono work for construction charities, NSS choose to work for selected local community projects for free or a nominal fee as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. These schemes also provide a training opportunity for team members working towards RICS professional qualifications.

Drawing on personal experience, we’re proud to support Gympanzees (www.gympanzees.org) in such a capacity as they develop a project to open and run the country’s first, fully inclusive leisure centre in the Bristol area to cater for the play exercise and social needs of the 58,000 children and young people, from 0-25 years-old, with disabilities living in the area.

As well as offering local employment, NSS supports local schools and university career days and provides work experience placements on a regular basis to higher and secondary education students in the area.   Team members also support groups such as scouts and the Bristol Youth Cricket League.