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Apprentice QS Video


Find out more about What a Quantity Surveyor Does and how Apprenticeships can be a great way to Earn While You Learn and get a Degree at no cost to you!


Frequently Asked Questions about Apprentice Surveying at Northen:

Do you pay for accommodation as well as a Salary?

An apprentice salary is a minimum wage and while it does go up during the 5 years, most Apprentices live within 30 minutes drive usually with family or are supported with accommodation costs, the key difference with a Degree Apprentice Role is you do not pay uni fees or have student loans. Starting salaries post-graduation are also comparatively high.

Do I need to drive or have a car?

It is a rural business location so you will need to drive to work and have access to a car.

What is the work-life balance like?

Apprentices are given a certain amount of flexibility to their work hours to give enough time to complete their studies and additional study days around key deadlines.  Many construction companies have hours beyond the standard workday, we rarely have overtime or weekend working for apprentices.